Our Partners

E2SE is proud to partner with these companies to provide products and services through outstanding expertise.

Mountain Water Concepts International provides highly effective, low energy, fluid treatment solutions for several sectors including:

  • Oil and Gas and Energy;
  • Agricultural;
  • Industrial and
  • Commercial.

Their dedicated team of inventors, engineers, industry experts and business professionals represent the very people who developed this technology in the hope of creating a better world one drop at a time.

At MEMS, they have the expertise to consult on environmental, engineering, and health projects in construction, oil, mining and other industries. Their services span many disciplines, enabling them to consult on everything from small, simple projects to complex, multidisciplinary undertakings. Their teams are made up of experienced and qualified individuals with strong technical members that lead each team and serve as client contacts for their projects. 

Cascade Projects Ltd. is an Indigenous-owned and controlled integrated solutions company. They assist clients with Indigenous engagement, project management, and multi-disciplined engineering from conception to completion. While they have extensive expertise in the oil and gas industry, they work with clients across the energy sector including wind and solar.

Headwind Technologies seeks to make wind turbines that are attractive, efficient and affordable. Headwinds’ Wind Shark technology is sculpted on the principals of sacred geometry and inspired by natures solution for sharks: creating a new species of turbine that moves and breathes with the dynamics of the wind. The Wind Shark, by Headwinds Technologies, is the first version of its kind designed for the tiny home and RV market.

AyrStone Productivity

E2SE is proud to partner with and sell Ayrstone equipment. The Ayrmesh system is designed for easy setup and use for wireless farm networking for your farm, ranch, or rural property. It uses standard WiFi signals and ethernet connectivity, so it can connect to a huge variety of household and industrial equipment. This will allow you to extend and bring WiFi to your devices outside, up to half a mile away, or to connect buildings or other stationary equipment up to 2 miles away.

WE World Energy is a global innovator in both water and energy sectors. Their products include revolutionary water technologies, transformative renewable energy and scalable on-site energy storage. E2SE is utilizing WE World Energy’s patented fan turbine system on our stationary projects. The turbine begins to operate in winds as low as 1km/h. Additionally, the systems can be scaled up from 5Kwh all the way to 1Mwh of power in order to satisfy essentially all of our customers needs.

Partnerships providing outstanding expertise